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Partnering outlets

Frequently asked questions

Who is delivering?

The delivery arrangements will be made by the participating pharmacies.

Can I request only selected items from my prescription?

Sure, You will just need to follow up with a comment after you submitted the prescription successfully.

How do I know if my order is accepted by the outlet?

Once your prescription is reviewed by the respective pharmacist, they will accept the order if there is no missing information, and the goods are available. The system will notify you via app notification, email and SMS.

Can I make a payment online?

No, the payment will be accepted on delivery. Some outlets might not be accepting digital payment and this will be usually notified to you with the amount.

How will I know if my prescription is being delivered?

Once the request is accepted, you will be notified on any status changes on your order Ie. the order status will change from “preparing” to “dispatched” once its on its way with the driver.

What is an order status?

The order status indicates the state your prescription delivery request is in, this can vary from pending, verifying, accepted, packed, dispatched to complete.

How can I list my pharmacy on the platform?

Please register your interest via this link and one of our on-boarding specialists will get in touch with you shortly.